Hvalfjörður is a wonderful fjord in Iceland located only 35 km north of Reykjavík.

Among other legends there is a tale that a whale was put under a spell by a priest (or an elf) and turned into a peninsula in the fjord. That's one version why it is called "Hvalfjörður" what means "Whalefjord".

The fjord is 30 km long, 5 km wide at its widest point and 84 m deep at its deepest point. In the back it is surrounded by steep mountains.

In the 14th, 15th and 17th centuries the fjord was an important trading and fishing centre. During World War II naval convoys were assembled there for leaving towards the North and Barents Sea. You can only see a few remains of the british and american military bases. Today the only industrial settlement is "Grundartangi" on the north shore of the fjord directly on the ring road.

Hvalfjörður is only sparsely populated and is ideal for hiking by the sea, on mountains like Botnssúlur or to waterfalls like Glymur.

Who we are...

We are friends from Germany and years ago we've discovered the majestic landscape of Hvalfjörður. Staying there offers nature's entire spectrum from bright sunlight to strong blizzards or magical northern lights. Nevertheless, the nearest shops and facilities are only 20 minutes away by car in Akranes or 25 minutes away in Mosfellsbær.

"hvalfjordur.is" is a joint project of Dominik's "fjordblick.de" with his beautiful cottages and our website "huh.is" with over 20 years of Iceland traveling and photography including the charity initiative "SHOP & HELP".

Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you want to experience Iceland! (See imprint for contact.)

We offer you accommodation, individual planning incl. flight or ferry booking and even guided tours personally tailored for you!

Best regards, Jörg and Dominik

Junction from ring road to Hvalfjarðarvegur

View from Hvalfjarðarvegur to the mountains at the northern shore

View from Villa Fjordblick across the fjord

Remains of the british military base at Hvítanes on the southern shore of Hvalfjörður

Panoramic view from Hvítanes Peninsula to fjord's end

Icicles at a hill on the south shore

Horses in front of abandoned house at Botnsdalur

Another abandoned farm house in Botnsdalur

Botnssúlur (1.095 m)

View to fjord's end from Þyrilsnes peninsula at north shore

South shore mountains seen from Þyrilsnes peninsula

Northern Hvalfjarðarvegur with Fjord's end and Botnssúlur (1.095 m)

Perfect road conditions at northern Hvalfjarðarvegur

View to Hvalfjörður's transition to the open sea

Horses near Grundartangi

Seen from Hringvegur (Ringroad) between Borgafjörður and Hvalfjörður

Villa Fjordblick under Aurora borealis

Aurora borealis over Hvalfjörður seen from Villa Fjordblick in february 2022 (north eastern direction)

View from Villa Fjordblick in northern direction

View from Villa Fjordblick in north western direction

Northern lights above clouds enlightened by Borgarnes' city lights seen again from Villa Fjordblick

Same perspective (north west) a few minutes later